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Focused Apertures 2

Focused Apertures

Though this seed spawns you in a taiga biome, there is a lot of sand nearby in the form of beaches – there is a large expanse of water and a small bay nearby.

Focused Apertures 1

Directly to the south is an extreme hills biome, with the usual tall hills and also plenty of coal in one, spire-like structure.

Focused Apertures 2

EW 1

Elemental Wrath

This seed spawns you in some plains, with a taiga biome just to the northwest and a forest to the southeast. There are also plenty of sheep around, as well as a few pigs.

EW 1

EW 2

If you head southwest, past the edge of the forest and across a river, you’ll come to an Extreme Hills biome. On the other hand, if you head east and follow the treeline a bit, you’ll find a very shallow ravine with some coal and a large lava pool.

EW 3

Cold Snap 1

Cold Snap

Appropriately enough, the spawn point of this world is right in the middle of a taiga biome, surrounded by snowy trees and a load of wolves.

Cold Snap 1

If you head west a bit, passing to the right of the large hill, you’ll soon come to an area of water with some sand between you and it. Just at the edge of the sand is a short tunnel system, but if you dig down just a couple of blocks in front of the sand, you’ll find some lava.

Cold Snap 2

Alternatively, should you head east from the spawn point, you’ll come across a couple of entrances to a somewhat larger tunnel system.

Cold Snap 3

Cold Snap 4

Impale 1


The spawn point for this seed is at the edge of a taiga biome, which extends to the southeast. To the north and west can be seen ice plains, which rise into hills to the northwest.

Impale 1

While there are tunnel systems nearby, there is also a deep pit beside a small pond in the plains a little to the north.

Impale 2

There’s also a large ravine to the south, past the funny-shaped frozen lake and several, smaller cave entrances.

Impale 3

FF 3

Fuelled Freeze

Though this seed spawns you on the borderline between taiga and ice plains, there are some rather odd rock formations nearby (just to the south) which herald the proximity of an Extreme Hills biome.

FF 1

FF 2

Head directly west and you’ll soon see plenty of tall structures in the landscape, all covered in snow.

FF 3

There are also more hills to the south, across the plains.

Cryo Chamber 2

Cryo Chamber

Despite the name, this seed actually plonks you in the middle of a jungle.

Cryo Chamber 1

If you head a little to the east, you’ll find yourself looking down into a sort of pit with very steep walls and a small pond at the bottom. There are also a couple of cave entrances in the sides, but these don’t lead very far.

Cryo Chamber 2

If you head north far enough, you’ll eventually come to the borderline of an extreme hills biome, with some plains just off to the right as well.

Cryo Chamber 3

Alternatively, if you head east, you’ll come to a taiga biome. There’s also a jungle temple in this direction, at roughly X 277, Z 183.

Cryo Chamber 4

Inside the temple are a couple of chests – one behind the usual lever-piston puzzle containing some gold nuggets, and another tucked away in the back corner containing a couple of diamonds.

Ab'Zero 2

Absolute Zero

Fittingly enough, this seed drops you into a taiga biome, surrounded by spruce trees. A little to the southwest is a swamp, with a witch hut more or less directly to the west of the spawn point. Just past that is a jungle.


Ab'Zero 2