Dwarfers 1


You spawn at the end of what appears to be a narrow peninsula, but is in fact merely part of a fairly large, treeless island.

Dwarfers 1

The island itself is comprised of a plains biome, so while there’s plenty of grass and flowers and a bit of sugar cane, there are no trees. There are, however several pools of water (as well as the rather noticeable ocean surrounding the place), and one pool of lava to be found.

Dwarfers 2

Digging roughly straight down from the middle of the stone area will lead you into a cave system.

Dwarfers 3

Apart from one small island located a short distance to the east (if you head straight out from the starting spot, in the way the land is “pointing”, you should see it), there’s not much else to see.

Dwarfers 4

Smeghead 2


The spawn point here is right on the borner of a swamp and a large forest, next to a tunnel entrance containing some iron.

Smeghead 1

If you cross the river and head north a little way, you’ll come to a taiga biome.

Smeghead 2

Note that the tunnel entrance at your feet when you spawn leads into a pretty extensive cave system. There’s quite a bit of iron right at the entrance, though.

MR 3

Modular Realignment

You spawn here on the border of some plains and jungle.

MR 1

Directly to the east is a swamp…

MR 2

…while to the west is a forest.

MR 3

On the other hand, if you head directly south across the plains, you’ll come to a point where there’s forest to your right, a desert off to the left, and between them a sort of mini-ravine with some iron and coal on its surface, as well as a tunnel entrance leading deeper below ground.

MR 4


Null-Point Calibration Unit

You enter this world mostly surrounded by forest, though there is a river close by and if you look around you’ll see a swamp not far away.


If you cross the river and head north, you should soon come upon a ravine. There’s also a plains biome just to the left.


If you follow the river away from the swamp, you’ll come across a large hill with a bunch of trees on it. This is the highest ground to be seen anywhere nearby, so it’s a very noticeable landmark.


If you follow the river around the base of this mountain, just after passing it you’ll come to a point where there is a one-block wide little channel of water protruding from the river. Standing at the tip of this, if you head directly south over the low hill that’s in front of you, you’ll come to another ravine.


Thermal Shockwave 3

Thermal Shockwave

You spawn in a rather hilly forest, close to a swamp.

Thermal Shockwave 1

If you turn your back on the swamp you’ll see a small pool of water, surrounded by a sandbank which has an odd-looking “slice” of stone in its side.

Thermal Shockwave 2

The forest is fairly large but if you head to the west you’ll come to an extreme hills biome. There’s also a desert just to the south of this.

Thermal Shockwave 3

IT 1

Isothermic Transducer

The spawn point for this world is at the bottom of a river. Fortunately, Minecraft rivers aren’t particularly deep. On surfacing, you’ll find yourself more or less smack-bang on the border of a jungle and some extreme hills.

IT 1

There’s very little flat ground in the immediate vicinity, so you’ll have to wander for a bit if you’re looking to find any. If you follow the river, keeping the jungle on your left (the river bends southwest in this direction), it soon opens out into a lake and continues for a short distance on the other side.

IT 2

Across the lake is an area of flat land with a large cave opening in the ground, containing iron and plenty of coal.

IT 3

Hoarfire 2


Another taiga starting point, you spawn into this world right next to a river. Directly to the south a little way, should it be of interest, is a pumpkin patch.

Hoarfire 1

In the opposite direction, you’ll see a weird kind of overhang thingy sticking out over the river, with a few trees on it. Directly behind this is a large, cavernous space.

Hoarfire 2

If you head directly west until you reach another river (past a small pond with some sugar cane growing beside it), then turn left and follow the back a little way, you’ll find a narrow opening into a large cave.

Hoarfire 3

Glacial Structure 2

Glacial Structure

The starting point for this seed is near the edge of an extreme hills biome – just to the west, past the steep cliffs beyond the water, is a taiga biome. If you wander in that direction, you’ll also see that the arm of a desert reaches into the taiga.

Glacial Structure 1

To the northwest, high hills form a valley which leads through to a more open area.

Glacial Structure 2

If you’d rather stick around the spawn point, there are plenty of nearby cave openings you might want to investigate, one of which has some iron blocks right at the entrance.

Glacial Structure 3

Glacial Structure 4

Glacial Structure 5


Onboard Module Installation

You enter this world beside a river, at the meeting point of a taiga and some plains. There’s also no shortage of cows nearby.


If you follow the river northwest, you’ll come to a swamp.


If you instead head roughly south, sticking to the plains but following the line of the taiga/plains border, you’ll pass a desert on your right and, if you continue to follow the line of the taiga biome, a river (a continuation of the one you started next to), on the southern side of which is a whole load of stone, a cave entrance or two and, further to the south, a forest.


Focused Apertures 2

Focused Apertures

Though this seed spawns you in a taiga biome, there is a lot of sand nearby in the form of beaches – there is a large expanse of water and a small bay nearby.

Focused Apertures 1

Directly to the south is an extreme hills biome, with the usual tall hills and also plenty of coal in one, spire-like structure.

Focused Apertures 2